Digital Strategy with UTM Parameters

Why should I consider setting up UTM parameters in my Digital strategy? What are the benefits?

When it comes to various posts involving organic traffic, would you be able to tell or measure which ones bring in more leads and what is the temperature of these leads for you?
The correct settings of UTM parameters help us provide the answers to the questions above. With the appropriate configurations, we can identify where the best opportunities come from, classify the leads, and determine their temperature.

But first and foremost, I want to teach you what UTM parameters are.

Business intelligence technologies utilize advanced statistics and predictive analytics to assist companies in drawing conclusions from data analysis, uncovering patterns, and predicting future events in business operations. Business intelligence reports are not a linear practice but rather a continuous and multifaceted cycle of data access, exploration, and information sharing.

Instagram BI Example with Zoho Analytics

The UTM parameters are URLs used to track the effectiveness of online campaigns.

Search engines like Google, social media platforms, websites, and many others have these resources as a way to enhance and qualify traffic, generating data that increases the potential of your lead.

Here at the agency, whenever we make a publication or post content, we always consider the use of UTM parameters. This is because the tools we adopt for this purpose of posting and engagement come pre-configured with options for this and many other actions.

Google has a tool called GOOGLE URL BUILDER where you can easily customize your URL.


With the URL builder, you can create your own URL and provide extremely valuable insights for your traffic.


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