Language courses school based in New York with a strong presence in Latin America –

Main Needs

1. Global-scale solution for selecting teachers proficient in various languages, preferably with an appealing curriculum.

2. Automate the teacher hiring process and integrate it into the company’s CRM system, ZOHO.

3. Develop multiple portals, one for each language, with automated course purchasing and selling processes integrated into the CRM.

4. Implement automated class scheduling. Students purchase courses on the portal, and after payment, they can choose the teacher and the most suitable time slots for scheduling classes.

5. Classes will be conducted via Google Meet, the chosen platform by the school. When selecting the course, teacher, and time slot, the system should generate automatic links for the student, teacher, and school supervision, with all classes being recorded and saved on a cloud server.

6. The entire system needs to be shared, generating relevant business data and statistics.

The Problems

The customer needed a tool to manage the entire lead flow, customer conversion, engagement on the portals, relationship enhancement, and along with this solution, it would be great to have solutions that would also aid in the process of tracking investments in social media, making traffic and engagement on the portals as optimized as possible, and generating qualified leads.


The Implemented Solutions

1. In the recruitment and selection of teachers, we implemented H8 RECRUITER, a customized and scalable tool provided by ZOHO RECRUITER for global-level selection, interviews, and hiring of professionals. The profile of these hired teachers falls within an instance of the CRM, where automated actions for online classes will be applied.

In this system, it’s possible to control the entire hiring process, such as: posting the job vacancy on our own portal or other registered platforms, receiving resumes, conducting interviews, and making hires. It also allows us to record all interactions with the candidate, create a profile for them after selection.

2. We implemented ZOHO CRM to manage lead capture, contact management, performance, and student class scheduling.

We created a system that reads the student’s profile in the CRM, cross-references this information with the website, and directs it to automated class scheduling on GOOGLE MEET.

3. We created portals in multiple languages with registration tools, links to free classes, automation, and engagement flow. All portals are tracked by ZOHO MARKETING AUTOMATION and ZOHO PAGE SENSE tools, where we map the complete journey of those navigating the site until they become potential students. On these portals, scheduling of trial classes is free and made very easy with the application of ZOHO BOOKING.

4. In the social media aspect, we created automated leads with ZOHO SOCIAL, ensuring that the most qualified leads fall into the relationship pipeline of ZOHO CRM.

5. To wrap up, we created automated reports using ZOHO ANALYTICS, applying BI techniques involved throughout the company’s business.


The project took around 8 months to implement all the solutions presented here, with integrations with all the tools functioning at 100%. The portals fulfill their main functions, and the remaining work is to maintain marketing and engagement active.



"We were looking for a solution an a global scale that would unify our entire teaching process along with management, marketing, HR and class scheduling solutions. H8 BRASIL introduced us to ZOHO ONE along with GOOGLE solutions, configured, trained us and now we reap the rewards of having been guided and chosen the right company and platform, Thank you H8."
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